Over the last twenty years, I have given workshops and talks, and performed external reviews and evaluations, at a variety of schools in the K-12 and university settings.
Examples of my collaborations and speaking engagements include:
  • One-day or multi-day faculty/staff workshops on experiential education;
  • Conference keynote addresses;
  • Invited public talks or lectures on specific topics regarding experiential education; and
  • External reviews, assessments, evaluations, and accreditation reports.

You can contact me about a potential collaboration with your institution.

Examples of Recent Workshops, Talks, and Reviews

Colleges and Universities
Brigham Young University
  • 2-day campus visit involving several public talks and meetings
St. Norbert College
  • 2-day campus visit including a public talk, as well as consulting/external evaluation of existing programs
Dickinson College
  • External review of the Center for Sustainability Education
Colorado College
  • 2-day faculty workshop on field-based, experiential education
University of Alabama
  • Multi-year consultancy on the university’s Quality Improvement Project for accreditation
METS Maples School
  • 1-day public lecture and visit with faculty
Evansville Day School
  • Year-long faculty development consultancy in experiential education
Friends Council on Education
  • Invited talk on “Teaching for Uncertainty” for annual Head of School gathering
Maumee Valley School
  • Year-long faculty development consultancy in experiential education
Richmond Friends School
  • 1-day facilitated Strategic Planning retreat