Jay W. Roberts

Earlham College


Recent presentations and invited talks: 

2017 Friends Council on Education, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. “Teaching for Uncertainty in Uncertain Times.” Presentation to Spring Elementary Head of School Retreat.

2017 Colorado College, Colorado Springs, Colorado. “Experiential Education and Field-Based Teaching and Learning.” 2-day workshop with faculty.

2016 University of Alabama, Birmingham, Alabama. Consultation and campus visit with the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and faculty fellows on the institutions’ QEP focused on experiential learning.

2016 Gensler Architects, San Francisco, California. Served on invited panel of national experts discussing the future of experiential learning in the education sector.

2016 Evansville Day School, Evansville, Indiana. Led multi-day faculty development project to enhance experiential education in the curriculum (K-12).

2014-15 Maumee Valley School, Toledo, Ohio. Led year-long faculty development project to enhance experiential education in the curriculum (K-12).

2014 Invited talk on “Experiential Education and Active Learning” for faculty retreat at Brevard College, Brevard, N.C. 

2013 Miami University. 2-day Place-Based Education Faculty Workshop.

2013  Invited Talk on “The Role of Experiential Education in the Modern University.” University of Northern British Columbia, Canada.

2012 Invited Talk on “Pedagogies of Place: Campus-Community Collaborations.” Selkirk College, B.C., Canada.

 2009 Youth Initiative Program: 5-day facilitation and group dynamics workshop for international Waldorf young adult program (ages 17-22), Jarna, Sweden.






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