I am a Professor of Education at Earlham College and a 2019-20 Fellow with the American Council on Education. From 2011-2019, I served as the Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs at Earlham where my work focused on strategic academic and co-curricular initiatives and integration.

From 2011-2016 I also served as a Teagle Teaching Fellow with the Great Lakes College Association. My academic scholarship and writing centers on the intersections of education, culture, and environment. I am the author of two books, Beyond Learning by Doing, and Experiential Education in the College Context, both published by Routledge Press. I am currently working on a new book project focused on the concepts of risk and uncertainty in teaching and learning.

Prior to my position at Earlham, I served as the Director of the Poplar Ridge Experiential Learning Center at the University of Virginia. I serve as an Associate Editor for the Journal of Experiential Education and on the Editorial Board for the Journal of Outdoor and Environmental Education.

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  1. I have been reading your book Beyond Learning By Doing, and absolutely love your ideas and your use of the river as a metaphor for theoretical currents in education.

  2. Dr. Roberts, I am grateful for you book Beyond Learning by Doing. I have been working my way through Dewey’s Democracy and Education and Experience in Education, I’ll admit it has been a challenge on my own. But reading BLbD has helped clarify Dewey’s philosophies quite a bit. Thank you.

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