Below are recent presentations connected to my work.

“The Live Encounter.” Presentation at the Bonner Summer Leadership Conference. June 2013.

“The Role of Experiential Education in Re-Thinking The Modern University.” Presentation for the University of Northern British Columbia. Jan. 2013

“Pedagogies of Place: Classrooms, Communities, and Collaborations.” Presentation for Miami University. Feb. 2013

Lawrence 2012. “The University of Nowhere: The Education of Place and the Place of Education in Sustainability Studies.” Presentation given at Lawrence University, Appleton, WI celebrating Earth Week 2012.

AASHE 2011. “Experiencing Sustainability: Thinking Deeper About Experiential Education.” A presentation at the 2011 Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education in Pittsburgh, PA.

Roberts AASHE 2010. “A Pedagogy of Place: Sustainability and Sense of Place in Higher Education.” A presentation given at the 2010 Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education conference in Denver, CO.

AERA Lifting the Roots-The Concept of Experience in Environmental Education. A paper given at the 2010 American Educational Research Association in Denver Colorado.

AASHE Greening the Curriculum.09. “It’s Not Just About The Physical Plant: Why Greening The Curriculum in Higher Education Matters.” A paper given at AASHE in 2009.

Quakers and Education for Sustainability. Paper on Quakers and Education for Sustainability (2007) printed in the Quaker Higher Education Quarterly.

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